When Your Life Is Like a Circus....and whose life isn't?

 Here's the story of a family of entertainers with 48 years of real life experiences of international entertainment across America, Canada and all he way to Newfoundland that included hanging from a helicopter while strapped  in a straightjacket, rogue elephants, traveling hundred of "mountain miles" a day and meeting strangers who turned out to be "angels" who showed up at "just the right time" are all integral parts of this exciting testimony of a family who felt God was directing their paths and who learned how to listen to His direction as they enjoyed His blessings along the way. This program contains the story of an entire family who took their God given talents and developed programs to motivate "children of all ages" to be the very best they were created to be. It's a true life story that can inspire audiences to go thru their challenges as they listen to God's direction in their personal lives making


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