"Once you've worked with the Hampel Family you won't want to work with anyone else!"

Connor Prairie

Historical Park Fishers Indiana

" A sure fire hit year after year with our families  at Circus Day for over 15 years"

Indiana Historical Society Indianapolis Indiana

" Some of the most energetic and enjoyable people to work with""

John Ringling North II

"Inspiring presentations ...incorporating laughter and joy....and intrigue they create in their audience's mind....

with programs that for over 10 years have inspired motivate and comforted"

Anderson Hospital

Maryville Illinois

" The skills my son acquired  over the years from Hampel's Magic has helped him become the success he is today"

Marianne Kamerer

Edwardsville Illinois

"We utilized Hampel's Magic Productions for over 3 years with great success in community awareness increased sales 

and sales development"

CVS Pharmacy District Supervisor

Swansea Illinois

"Sales "GOLD" with their community outreach programming and hands on approach to sales and sales development programming"


St. Louis Missouri

"Dynamite results utilizing unique and personally developed magic and sales techniques"


St Louis Missouri

"The perfect hands on sales program with great success in all areas"


"Circulation "gold" with their abilities to reach the entire community and turn it into actual sales numbers"

St Louis Post Dispatch

"Developed 11 different educational programs that were highly successful and well

 received in over 400 schools across the Northeast area of the United States" 

McDonalds Corporation

Arnold Advertising

" Incredibly result orientated programming

with our families and over 100 schools in the St Louis area"

St Louis Police Department

St Louis Board of Education


St Louis Womans Crusade Against Crime

"Fantastic educational and entertainment value in their unique programming for over 5 years of TV programs""

WSTM TV Syracuse New York

"Our perfect 'go to'  resource to reach inner city youth and their families"

Salvation Army Peoria Illinois

"Year after year family hit for our outreach programming"

Cornerstone Music Festival

"Extremely effective with hardcore inner city yout year after year"

Camp Penuel Ironton Missouri

Camp Penuel New York